Federal Reserve Study Reinforces Need For PHL Neighborhood Growth Agenda Workforce Modernization Reforms – April 24, 2019

Key Point: A new Federal Reserve study shows too many of Philadelphia’s residents just don’t have the right skills for the modern workforce. This report shows why City Hall needs to take up the reforms put forward by the PHL Neighborhood Growth Project to foster inclusive growth in every neighborhood across Philadelphia, focusing on efforts to strengthen workforce initiatives, modernize the entire school-to-work pipeline, and expand the partnerships between the our schools and the business community to ensure our students are prepared for the good jobs available locally.

The Philadelphia Tribune: Philly ranks low in availability of well-paying jobs for people without degrees
Ayana Jones, Tribune Staff Writer

Philadelphia ranks 95th out of 121 metropolitan areas across the country in the availability of “opportunity occupations,” according to a recent report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and Cleveland.

Opportunity occupations — jobs that do not require a bachelor’s degree and typically pay above the national median wage of $37,690 — account for 21.6% of total employment in the 121 metro areas analyzed and 20.1% of jobs in the Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington area, the report says…

“If a community wants to expand access to economic opportunities for workers without a college degree, solutions may lie in providing some worker training or access to an associate degree and education at a community college,” [said Keith Wardrip of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.]

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