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Majority of City Council Incumbents Endorse Development of Inclusive, Pro-Growth Agenda in City Hall – May 14, 2019

Philadelphia Neighborhood Growth Project Continuing to Pick Up Support Across the City

PHILADELPHIA, PA: With just a week remaining before this year’s primary elections, support for the type of inclusive, pro-growth agenda that is at the heart of the PHL Neighborhood Growth Project (PHL-NGP) continues to grow and has now been endorsed by a majority of incumbent City Councilmembers, representing neighborhoods across the city. The PHL-NGP’s Inclusive Growth Policy Agenda addresses both the short-term need to help people find jobs, as well as the longer-term investments needed to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s jobs and to become entrepreneurs.

Among the incumbent members of City Council who have committed working with the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia and its partners in the PHL-NGP are:

Councilman Mark Squilla: First Councilmanic District
“The First Council District includes the birthplace of our nation, and over the years, it has seen tremendous change.  So that it remains a place where generations continue to raise their families, we must focus on creating a growing, inclusive economy. The PHL Neighborhood Growth Project is a strong first step and I am proud to support its goals. Through collaboration and hard work with neighbors, my colleagues and the Chamber and its partners in the PHL Neighborhood Growth Project, Philadelphia will become a more dynamic city for all our residents.”

Councilman Bobby Henon: Sixth Councilmanic District
“Every day people across my district get up and go to work – but too often outside of the city.  That makes it harder on families and it hurts neighborhoods. We need more high quality, family sustaining jobs in the city and in its neighborhoods.  I believe that the Philadelphia Neighborhood Growth Project’s focus on inclusive, neighborhood focused growth is exactly the type of agenda we need in City Hall and I will work with the Chamber of Commerce, its allies, businesses, community groups and my friends and colleagues on City Council to support the PHL-NGP’s policy agenda.”

Councilwoman Maria Quiñones Sánchez: Seventh Councilmanic District“I appreciate the Chamber’s role and advocacy in developing the framework of the PHL Neighborhood Growth Project, and look forward to continued discussion and collaboration with our diverse community of leaders and stakeholders. Building a strong, vibrant community isn’t about one person or one issue — it’s about all of us working together to increase access to education and good jobs, and to improve the health and safety of our communities.”

Councilwoman Cindy Bass, Eighth Councilmanic District
“Every day as I travel from my district to City Hall, I see what is changing in our city — and what isn’t, but should be. After almost 30 years of service to my community, I know that what matters to neighborhoods isn’t how the city is doing, but what is happening on their block. And I know that for a community to be strong, there must be a real partnership between the people who live there and business that want to operate there. That’s why I strongly support the principals of the Philadelphia Neighborhood Growth Project, which focuses on what diverse neighborhoods need to be strong. I look forward to working with the Chamber of Commerce and its partners in the PHL-NGP to build a strong and actionable plan for real neighborhood growth.”

Councilwoman Cherelle Parker: Ninth Councilmanic District
“The 9th Councilmanic District is one of the most diverse in the city, with every race, age and background living within its borders. The PHL Neighborhood Growth Project is exactly the kind of bold thinking my district and our city needs because it focuses on solving the major problems facing our city – everything from neighborhood jobs and better schools to job training, reducing gun violence and improving healthcare, all designed to build a growing, inclusive economy. I look forward to working with the Chamber and its partners in this project to develop and implement plans and policies that work.”

Councilman Brian O’Neill: Tenth Councilmanic District
“Since I first ran for office I have been committed to building strong, vibrant neighborhoods across the Far Northeast. As neighborhoods in my district are some of the furthest from Center City, it is critical that there be a wide variety of local businesses that can provide high quality goods and services to businesses and residents.  I am committed to working with the Chamber and its partners in the Philadelphia Neighborhood Growth Project to focus on what matters most to my constituents: good jobs, safe streets and schools that prepare our children for the future.”

Councilman Allan Domb: At-Large
“We can’t rise as a city unless and until we address poverty, which means creating jobs for today’s workers, and improving education and job training for tomorrow’s workers. Making investments in our city’s future requires a growing, vibrant tax base both across the city and in every neighborhood. I look forward to working in partnership with my colleagues, community leaders and the Chamber of Commerce, to support an inclusive pro-growth agenda as part of the Philadelphia Neighborhood Growth Project.”

Councilman Derek Green: At-Large
“As someone who has opened and operated a neighborhood small business, I know first-hand how important local businesses are to building strong, vibrant, and most importantly, growing, neighborhoods just as I know how important vibrant, growing neighborhoods are to supporting small businesses.  I am committed to working with the Chamber of Commerce and its partners in the Philadelphia Neighborhood Growth Project to develop and enact programs and policies that support local neighborhood economic development.”

Councilman David Oh: At-Large
“If we want every neighborhood to thrive, it is critical that we focus our city’s resources to combatting challenges like neighborhood job development, crime and gun violence, and opioid and drug addiction. My family has not only been personally impacted by the violence in our city through the murder of my cousin In-Ho Oh in 1958, but also worked to better our community by establishing the In-Ho Oh Memorial Center. I will continue to work with the Chamber of Commerce and its partners to make all our neighborhoods safe so they can grow and thrive.”

Councilman Al Taubenberger: At-Large
“As the former chairman of the Northeast Chamber of Commerce, I have long advocated for exactly the sort of inclusive, pro-growth agenda that serves as the foundation of Philadelphia Neighborhood Growth Project.  I believe that the best way to address the challenges too many people and too many neighborhoods face is by focusing on how to create good, family sustaining jobs and I will work with the Chamber, its partners and my colleagues to build the foundation every neighborhood, every family, every business needs to thrive.”