Congratulations to Supporters of Inclusive Growth who Won Yesterday’s City Council Primaries – May 22, 2019

Majority of Nominees Back PHL-NGP’s Neighborhood Focused Growth Agenda

The Philadelphia Neighborhood Growth Project (PHL-NGP), a broad-based coalition of businesses, community leaders and voters, today congratulated the backers of inclusive, pro-growth policies who won City Council primaries yesterday. A majority of yesterday’s primary winners have publicly endorsed the type of neighborhood level inclusive growth policies that are at the heart of the PHL-NGP’s Inclusive Policy Agenda.  The PHL-NGP’s agenda addresses both the short-term need to help people find jobs as well as the longer-term investments needed to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s jobs and to become entrepreneurs.  At its last session before the primary, City Council unanimously endorsed a series of fall hearings on the PHL-NGP agenda.

“Yesterday’s results, and the strong performance by candidates who support inclusive growth, is a great sign for Philadelphia’s future because it means there is broad commitment by voters and the candidates they support to focus on the biggest challenges the city faces, from poverty to job creation to education improvements and neighborhood development,” said Rob Wonderling, the president and CEO of the Chamber today.  “We look forward to working with City Council as it holds hearings this fall on what an inclusive, pro-growth agenda can and should be for the City’s future.”