PEW: Jobs are the number one reason why people are moving out of Philadelphia – September 20, 2019

From the Inquirer: Why 60,000 residents move out of Philadelphia every year

A new Pew Charitable Trusts study examining the reasons why as many as 60,000 people move out of the City of Philadelphia each year found that “jobs led the list of reasons for moving out overall and for people younger than 50” the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. Public safety and education options followed closely behind. The new report, the first of its kind, surveyed 1,000 residents who moved out of Philadelphia and asked them to rank the reasons why they left from among 13 choices.

“This new Pew report provides yet more evidence of how important it is for Philadelphia City government in partnership with the business community to focus on inclusive job growth — the city is losing tens of thousands of people it needs to stay and help it grow stronger,” said Rob Wonderling, the President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia. “Creating jobs across the city and in every neighborhood won’t be fixed by a single leader, policy, or program, but will take a broad effort that includes government, business, and community leaders.”

This spring, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia and its allies – including the African-American Chamber of Commerce of PA, NJ, & DE, the Asian American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia, the Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and dozens of civic and business leaders from across the city – announced the PHL Neighborhood Growth Project (PHL-NGP), a long-term initiative building on the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia’s “Roadmap for Growth.” The PHL-NGP ’s Inclusive Policy Agenda encourages the enactment of pro job-growth policies that address the short-term needs to both support neighborhood small businesses and help people find jobs, as well as longer-term investments needed to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s jobs, improve public safety, and increase transparency and accountability in government.

“This fall, Councilman Derek Green will hold hearings focused on the PHL-NGP Growth Agenda and I know that Pew’s findings will be a key issue discussed during them,” closed Wonderling. “We know what needs to be done, now we just need to do it and the Chamber is prepared to be part of the solution.”